For the last few years, we hear the India is in the threshold of progress onall fronts.In these 60 years of post independence, we have witnessed a great deal of developments in many fields, But all we agree that a majority of our population does not enjoy the freedom in its true meaning more relevant in terms of eduction and career. Many youngsters feel the need to change this situation. Some have come forward with a vision of "Grow India Grow" which was the basis of the launch of Soha Foundation which has been duly registered under Charitable Trust Act.

The children of today are more intelligent and ambitious. They have thier dreams about thier career but fail to fulfill them due to lack of proper education, guidance and health. Financial troubles and poor family background also contribute to the situation. When these children grow and retage of making important life decisions, they get apprehensive and frustrated of the problems that stand in their way to success.

Soha Foundation is an initiative to extend help to these children by proper counseling and guidance. This small endeavour will go a long way in shaping the future of these unfortunate youngsters and encourage to go after their dreams.

The trust plans to identify the children with the help of teachers, mend them by counseling and constant monitoring of their progress. Thereafter, these children will be guided and assisted by experts to explore their potential and choose their suitable career.


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